Reviews in 2020

Although The Path Untravelled was released almost a year ago, new reviews keep coming in.

Earlier in the year, House Of Prog remarked in their review that The Path Untravelled is “majestic, all encompassing, and a damn fine listen”.

More recently, VM-Underground had some positive words to share in their review, saying The Path Untravelled was “a dark, sombre album with lots of twists and turns and a plethora of melodic interludes and tangents to keep any atmospheric Black Metal fan happy”.

Last but not least, huge gratitude goes to Italy’s Metal Skunk who wrote an in-depth article covering all three albums to date. The article is, naturally, all in Italian, but via the translating power of Deepl it was possible to see that they consider Oblivion, Spiritus in Terra, and The Path Untravelled to be “three records of the highest level” and that “Arx Atrata stands at the highest levels of expressivity”.

As always, many thanks to anyone who has taken the time to listen to the music and to write up their thoughts.