Reviews for The Warrior Cycle

Thanks to everyone who supported The Warrior Cycle on Bandcamp. This was a slightly different release for Arx Atrata, being the only one without vocals (excluding the Arx Silvestris reworkings, of course) but reviews have been universally positive.

Cvlt Legion“two minds paint their own pictures upon a single canvas, and a harrowing apparition evolves” – 9/10

Ave Noctem“two fine musicians and storytellers weaving a tale without words” – 8.5/10

Occult Black Metal Zine “would recommend it to all fans of ambient, instrumental and post black and doom metal” – 8/10

Machine Music“Arx Atrata have solidified their spot, for me, as one of the best atmospheric black metal/post-black bands around […] The entire split is fantastic”

The Razor’s Edge“this record stands apart like the breath of fresh air it truly is”

Fjordhammer“the coming together of two great expansive and atmospheric bands” – 3.5/5