Succession – official video

I’m proud to present the official video for the track ‘Succession’. This live action video follows the path of the eponymous Warrior as he seeks his final revenge, and represents the events portrayed musically in The Warrior Cycle.

Directed and filmed by Tom at Ritual Video (Instagram: @ritual_video ) at locations in South Wales, the video “deftly captures the story that the song spun so wonderfully without words”.

Read more, and watch what No Clean Singing called “extraordinary” and what Zero Tolerance called “incredible”, at the following links:

No Clean Singing:

Zero Tolerance:

‘The Warrior Cycle’ – new split album coming April 2nd

On Friday April 2nd, Arx Atrata and Bleakwinter Shrine release The Warrior Cycle, a fully instrumental mini-album telling a tale of loss and revenge. Four epic tracks of blackened post metal, two from each artist, plus three dark ambient interludes, lead the listener through an epic and flowing musical odyssey.

The Warrior Cycle will be available on both Bandcamp pages, as a digital-only release for now. The download comes with liner notes talking about the theme behind the project and also how this record came to be.

The Path Untravelled

The third album from Arx Atrata is entitled ‘The Path Untravelled’. Due out on October 11th, this record continues the sonic and thematic journey started by Oblivion and followed by Spiritus In Terra but visits new destinations.

More news on release formats and pre-orders will follow shortly, but for now, here’s ‘An Undying Verse’, a vision of the grey area between fact and fiction, wakefulness and slumber, life and death.